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The History of Dave Smith and his Mobile Sawmill

Dave Smith of Minchinhampton

Dave Smith is the owner/operator of Dave Smith Mobile Sawmill and has been in the forestry and timber industry, on and off, his whole life. Being a third generation forester (or wood mongerer as he likes to call himself) you could definitely say that trees and timber are in his blood.

My father was a tree surgeon, as was my grandfather before him. From a young age I used to help Dad out with the business at weekends and when not at school. Of course in those days everything was done the old fashioned way and there wasn't the health and safety restrictions around that there is nowadays.

After leaving school Dave took some time out from trees to travel the world with the Merchant Navy. However, it wasn't long before he was back on the ropes, so to speak, working for himself as a tree surgeon. After approximately ten years he took a job at the local engineering firm but always stayed connected to his roots by dealing in firewood in the evenings or at weekends.

Working with trees is in my blood. No matter where Life leads me I always come back to trees. They have a life of their own, their own unique shape and form. Each tree produces its own grain and variation of timber. Although I consider myself a knowledgable person on the subject of trees there is always something new to learn about them. It is this continual learning process that keeps me fascinated and passionate and I consider myself very lucky to have spent my whole life working with a subject that I love.

The engineering didn't last long and Dave's next real taste of timber came from working at a sawmill company, Ryford's, in Stonehouse. And so it went on, from one forestry job to another. But it wasn't until about ten years ago, when Dave noticed all the sawmills in the area were closing down and a gap was appearing in the market, that he decided to invest in his own mobile sawmill.

Now, having progressed on to his third mobile sawmill, Dave is still loving every minute of it and relishes a new project. You could say the rest is history except it's not...

The love for timber doesn't stop with me; my youngest son Mathew started helping me from an early age, as I did with my father, and found he had inherited the calling. He has been in tree surgery for over fifteen years and now runs his own tree care business on Sydney's Northern Beaches in Australia.