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Dave Smith Mobile Sawmill is not just a mobile sawmill. We also have a range of additional machinery, equipment and skills available if your project requires the extra resources.


Why Employ a Mobile Sawmill?

Also known as on site sawmilling or portable sawmilling, as the name implies, the mill travels to the location of the tree or timber and provides its services on site. This allows landowners to take advantage of this niche market without the additional transport, handling costs and time that comes with moving logs to a static operation.

The reasons for milling your timber in the first place are many:

  • Timber (planks and beams for example) is valuable and can be expensive to source pre-milled.
  • Timber is a renewable source of building material and provides an eco friendly alternative to other methods of construction.
  • Timber constructions can be more appealing; asthetically, tactilely, acoustically, and even olfactorily (it smells nice).
  • Waste not, want not. If you have it, make use of it or earn some pocket money by selling it to someone who will.
  • The tree it came from may have had special meaning to you and you wish it to live on in another form.
  • Create a beautiful custom made piece of furniture.

The list is endless, but whatever your reason, Dave can provide advice and help you and your project get the most from your timber.

Service Area

Dave Smith Mobile Sawmill is based in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, a village in the heart of the Cotswolds, and we regularly work all across the county. We will also travel further and in the past have worked in Bristol, Oxford, Swindon and Salisbury.

If your location is further afield we do not mind the extra mileage so please give us a call.

One of Dave's valued offsiders

Service Rates & Charges

Dave Smith Mobile Sawmill charges on a day rate plus mileage for distances over 20 miles from home. There can be other costs involved depending on additional machinery and equipment required for your project. Dave will happily discuss your requirements over the phone and provide you with a more detailed quote.

Dave's basic day rate consists of 8 hours from arrival on site. It is preferable, although not always necessary, to employ an offsider for assistance which generally works out to be more efficent and saves time and money in the long run.